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Annaprasan Pujan

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The Annaprashan Puja is the ceremony performed for the initial feeding of a child in the family. The term annaprashan signifies the eating of food, in the hindi anna means the food and prasanna is the eating of it. So, in general cases when the baby is a five to eight months old, the first eating ceremony is performed for him\her and the ceremony is known is Annaprashan Puja. The ceremony is done by making the baby eat anna, that is solid food like rice and it is done at the age of 5 to 8 months old because that is when a baby is  actually physical ready to ingest something solid and digest it properly.

A priest is called for this ceremony and then the holy ritual is performed by the priest by offering pooja for the kid, mantras are recited and blessings are given to the kid.

It is believed that this ceremony has so many benefits for the baby from a spiritual point of view. the rituals benefits for the health and prosperity of the baby. It marks the baby’s health as he will be eating solid food for the first time and it will help to increase the lifespan of the kid.