Shalimar garden, sahibabad


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Bhoomi pujan is the ritual performed to inaugurate a new site which is ready for the development of a home or building, or office or any other kind of residence. According to ancient Indian science for the architecture of different buildings, Bhumi Poojan takes place under the guidance of the Priest.
Bhoomi or the mother land is the really important factor for any kind of building big or small, it is the real foundation of the building and without it, it is difficult to survive. So, Bhoomi Poojan is really an important ritual for the Hindus and they treat the land or the Bhoomi as their respective mothers and so for that they arrange the Pooja for their happy future on that land. Bhoomi Poojan is for the well being and prosperity of the family or the person who will live on that particular land. 
So, under the guidance of the Hindu Priest, Bhoomi Pooja takes place as per the ancient rituals. It is sort of offering prayers to the land or the Bhoomi to seek her blessings and also to take her permission for the construction that is going to take place on that particular land.  So, Bhoomi Poojan has its significance for the Hindu families and this gives a moral boost to the person and his family since they have attained the blessings of the Bhoomi. 

By doing the Bhoomi Poojan in the right way, all the vastu doshas are removed and there is positive energy all around and the blessings are gained from the mother land.