Shalimar garden, sahibabad


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Diwali is the biggest Indian festival and it holds an important place in the hearts of people throughout the country. Diwali signifies the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana in the battle of Ramyana. Diwali symbolises the victory over evil. Diwali pooja or Laxmi pooja is performed on the night of Diwali and it is an important ritual for remembering goddess Laxmi along with Lord Ganesha.

The ritual is performed for seeking the blessings of Maa Laxmi and Lord Ganesh and for welcoming them in the house. Special decorations are done, the houses are well cleaned and lights are there for inviting Maa Laxmi in the homes.


Goddess Laxmi is the goddess of good luck, wealth, possession, fortune and prosperity and Lord Ganesha is often known as ‘vighn harta’ that means one who removes obstacles.

So, for seeking the blessings of both Diwali poojan is organised with full devotion and feelings by the devotees at their homes and workplaces.