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Dhanteras falls on the first five days of Diwali celebration .From this day, the Diwali season starts. Dhanteras Pujan is really significant as it is about worshiping God OF Money, Kuber. Kuber is said to be the god of wealth and he is said to be the owner of all the wealth and prosperity of the world. He is ┬ásomeone whose blessings can change anyone’s life in a financial manner. So, on the day of Dhanteras the pujan for Lord Kuber is held and the day is usually the Karthik Shukla Prayodashi, two days prior to Diwali. The Dhanteras Pujan is done for having the blessings in someone’s business and on this day people buy different kinds of utensils and a ritual of buying gold and silver is said to be there.

The Dhantera pujan is done at the evening time usually and lord Ganpati, deity Lakshmi, Lord Kubera. Lord Dhanvantri and Lord Kubera are worshiped together for the financial wellbeing and having their blessings for the abundance and prosperity in one’s life. It is said that the Dhanteras pujan does have a great impact on the life of the devotee as lord kuber and maa laxmi bless them with lots and lots of material abundance.

Benefits of Dhanteras Pujan:

Well, there are no measures to find the benefits of any pooja but it is said that if dhanteras pujan is done by full devotion it can change the life of the devotee.

  1. Blessing of the wealth and prosperity are provided usually along with monetary benefits and so many money making opportunities and beneficial ventures are gained by the person and his family.
    2. When Maa Laxmi Blesses someone there seems to have overall happiness and health in that home.