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DURGA SAPTASHATI path is referred to Hindu deity Mahatmya and Chandi Path. The Hindu deity Mahatmya and Chandi Path is usually done for achieving health and to overcome any obstacle in life to get the real success. DURGA SAPTASHATI is the composition for doing the Chandi hawan which is performed by chanting the verses from DURGA SAPTASHATI. In this a sum of total 700 Ahuti are completed offered to maa Durga through doing hawan and lighting the holy fire.

DURGA SAPTASHATI is the religious writing which describes the victory of maa durga over Mahisasura. It is a part of the Markandeya Purana. This path is performed by specialised pandits and it has a real importance and impact in the life of the person who is offering his worship to maa Durga. The DURGA SAPTASHATI is said to have the power to remove all the obstacles and blocks from the path of the person, assuring him of success and a very prosper life in terms of health and happiness. This path is done to seek the blessing of Goddess Durga and maa durga is said to be the protector and some who is blessed by this Path, always have the protection of maa Durga from all the evils.
With this path, Maa durga blesses her devotees with reliefs from any kind of chronic diseases and provides longeivity and overall health.