Shalimar garden, sahibabad

Garun puran

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IT is said that Garun puran is a part of  Ashta Dasa Maha-Puranasit self. Garuda Purana is known as the Garud purana as it is a story or purana about the conversation between the Garuda and lord vishnu. It is also classified under the Satvika Purana and it is said to have about 19000 shlokas. Amongst the Hindu Families, Garun Puran has a vital significance as it explains the experiences of the Soul when it leaves the body and the cycle of infinite births the Soul takes and all about what is there about birth and death and how a soul gets rebirth and what happens what. In hindu families garud puran path is done when someone in the family  dies and it is said that it leads to have moksha prapti of the  one who left the family. this path gets complete on the thirteenth day of the day and all the family members of the person sits and listens to the path being preached by the priest.  It is said that it has a positive effect on all those who listen to this path being done and also the one who left the family and in whose remembrance it is being done. It ensures the wellbeing of the after life of the person.