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Havan is a sacred ritual performed by priests or pandits for the purpose of purification of environment and place at homes or workplace of people like shops, showrooms, godowns etc. With the chanting of holy mantras and remembering the gods and goddesses offerings are paid in the agni of havan.


Havan is performed for many different purposes and it is said that havan results in the cleansing of the environment so that it makes it a happy and healthy place and in turn it brings more success and prosperity.

Havans when done right, helps to remove any kind of spiritual block or obstacle in the way of success of the person who is offering divine prayers to the gods or the goddess


Well, the havan is performed with the priest sitting in a specific direction that is in South direction, facing the north direction.

Different stuffs like ghee, sweets, lotus, cotton, wood and other items known together as samagri are the essentials for any kind of hawan.

A fire is lit in the middle with the priest and all the members of the person offering the prayer sits in a round manner and then with the chanting of mantras hawan takes place.