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Janeu sanskar

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The ceremony of Janeu Sanskar or Upanayana Samskara is one of the famous rituals among HIndu Brahmins family. This is a ritual done for the celebrating the development of a boy through a sacred thread ceremony. This is just a ceremony to make the boy understands that he is developing into a man now and he has several responsibility on him and they are to be fulfilled by him. By chanting the Holy Gayatri Mantra the boy is given a thread to wear.  The Janeu ceremony is just a ritual to make it an official announcement that the boy will be participating in any of the further family programs and rituals. The ceremony is mostly performed within a certain period of time, mostly when the boy reaches the age of seven and until 14 years of age it can be done as when the family wants to do so. But, it is also said that it can be performed any time before the marriage of the boy if it wasn’t performed at the age between 7 to 14.

This also signifies the boy is ready to make his path of education and as a responsible person to the family.