Shalimar garden, sahibabad


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Maa Laxmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity and progress. Maa laxmi is said to be the goddess of all the luxuries available but also symbolizes and patience and complete detachment from all the desires. So, Maa Laxmi can bestow all these blessings to her followers but the Laxmi pooja is not for praying for the money possession but for the complete happiness and success in one’s life.


Laxmi Pooja holds an important significance in someone’s life. Laxmi pooja is popularly performed during the time of Deepawali, the biggest Indian festival throughout the year. During the festival of Diwali, the houses are cleaned as it is said that MAA LAXMI resides only in cleanliness. So, special care is taken for all the cleanliness and decoration for welcoming the Goddess and then Laxmi Pooja is performed along with lord Ganesha.

Idol of both Lord Ganesha and Maa Laxmi are placed and lamps or diyas are lit in front of them and then the rituals are performed for remembering the goddess and seeking ger blessings by doing Aarti and chanting mantras. Special sweets are prepared for Maa Laxmi and they are later distributed to all the devotees as prashad. This is the simple way people offer their prayers to maa laxmi at their homes.

Few people do arrange for the big tradition pooja for maa laxmi and invite a priest to.their homes and offer special prayers to the goddess for her blessings and the wellbeing of the devotee and his family.