Shalimar garden, sahibabad

Mangal Shanti – Manglik Dosh

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Mangal Shanti – Manglik Dosh is for reducing the harmful effects of the planet Mars on one’s life. If you talk to your priest about the planets position according to your birth and he suggest you about your Manglik Dosh, then this Pooja of Mangal Shanti – Manglik Dosh is important for you.
Mangal Dosha is one of the most comman Doshas among the people and in accordance with this Doshas, people have to face different obstacles in their life such as hurdles in the wedding and other different circumstances in the form of obstacles. And for removing all these obstacles, this Mangal Shanti – Manglik Dosh is done and with this the person can remove his/her dosha. 
When the planet Mars is not in your support there can be a lot of problems in one’s life like getting a job, failure in different ventures, misunderstanding, lack of opportunities, negative emotions and too much of negative energy and many more things so for getting rid of all this a suitable pandit is called upon and then Mangal Shanti – Manglik Dosh pooja is done for the well being of the person.

Benefits of Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja

1. The Pooja helps in regaining the balance in life by reducing the harmful effect of the planet Mars.
2. It helps to remove the irritating nature of the person and also the physical ailments are removed.
3. When the planet mars is in your favor, your life will become prosperous and it can be done with the help of this pooja.