Shalimar garden, sahibabad

Mool Shanti

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The significance of the planets have a real and important role in the well being of a person, that too at the time of this birth. When a child is born the planetary positions have a great role to play. In that way, Mool Dosh is formed under certain circumstances and the position of the planets. It is said that if a person has mool dosha he has to suffer a lot of problems and that too in many subjects of his life like the financial issue, health, money making, social problems, problems in his academic life regarding education and all. And apart from that the mool dosha is also responsible for the type of behaviour a person has. So, for the elimination of this Mool Dosha and all the other problems the person is suffering from, the mool shanti pooja is recommended.

When the mool shanti is performed in the right manner, it can change the person situation totally. It can help the person to restore his health, his wealth problems are solved and along with that he can change his thoughts and beliefs in a positive manner. Along with that all the negative effects of the dosha is removed and the vibes around the person is changed.