Shalimar garden, sahibabad

Mundan Sanskaar

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The ritual of Mundan sanskar is a famous ceremony or ritual is one of the most important rituals performed for the new born baby for the first time his head is shaved and all the hairs are removed completely. This ritual is performed for the girls and boys both. The mundan  sanskaar is an old ritual to be performed in the Hindu religion and it still performed for the well being of the new born. It is believed that the removing of hairs from his/her head will remove any past negative belief or flow of energy the baby may still have.

It is said that if any kid has any kind of degrading qualities in his/her previous birth which may still inhibit in the kid and which is not in way healthy for the baby, so all those qualities are automatically removed with the shaving of his/her head. The pooja is usually performed at the house, at a temple or at a river side but there is no fix boundation it can be performed as per the  tradition of the family.