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Namkaran pooja

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Namkaran pooja is the holy Indian ritual performed for the naming of new born baby. This namkaran pooja is the first official pooja or ceremony held for any new born in one’s family. Well, the ceremony or the namkaran pooja can be performed as per the might of his/her parents but usually it takes place on the 12th day of the birth of the baby. And generally, it can be done anytime before the first birthday of the child.

On the 12th day, a holy bath is a bath ritual is performed for the mother and the baby and then the baby is wrapped in new clothes and then taken to the pooja. The priest offers all the important prayers for the blessing of the baby to the gods and to agni in the middle. All the prayers are performed for the well being and happy, healthy future of the baby.

 After that according to the vedic tradition, the rigveda, the naamkaran ritual is performed by the priest.  The ritual is based on the ancient calculations and methodology used for the naming of a baby.