Shalimar garden, sahibabad

Vastu Shanti

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The VASTU SHASTRA is the ancient indian science of building any kind of a building, home or anything. It includes the texture, positioning, measurements and different arrangements at the place. So, it is the vedic science through which a building is made and specially the Indian Homes. Actually a house is just made of brick and concrete cement, but people live in there and make it home with their love and feelings, so they want it to be place of happiness and health and that is why the science of this Vastu shastra is used and houses are build according to that.

The vedic vastu science works in accordance to the basic elements of the life that is

Prithvi (Earth)     2. Agni (Fire)    3. Jal (Water)   4. Akash (Sky) and   5. Vaayu (Air).

It is said when a home is made through vastu shastra, it is a holy place, it has the blessings of the lords, it is a place where happiness and health reside and that it self signifies the importance of Vastu shanti Pooja in our lives. The bond between the people who live in a house made in accordance with VASTU is much more and they are more happier than other people.