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Vivaah is a word for marriage in the Indian subcontinent. Also, known as vivaha in sanskrit and vivahamu in telugu signifies the ritual.of indian marriage. Vivah takes place according to the time and date concluded by the priest according to the planets based numerology of date and time. The date and time set is a sacred time also known as muhurat in which vivaha pooja takes place.

According to the vedic hindu traditions, hindu marriage is a sacred act and is all about living with each other till death and lifelong commitments of one’s wife and husband. The vivah pooja takes place by witnessing the fire in the middle and by chanting of the holy mantras by the priest in the presence of the bride and groom along with their families.

This pooja is performed for the wellness of the relation between the couple and for their spiritual blessings.  And this is done with along with all the ancient rites and rituals as per the ancient hindu mythology and the traditions .The Hindu wedding ceremony may vary in minor details from region to region as per their own culture and traditional history.